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The Music Planner packages DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of the SIAE.

As the SIAE online portal dedicated to free private parties or private events can help you to carry out all the necessary procedures to pay the fees related to the right compensation for the copyright and obtain the license for your private party with the performance of music.


When it comes to party or private event?

This means the private celebrations (weddings, baptisms, confirmations, birthdays, graduation parties and similar celebrations) in places other than their own home offered by private individuals and reserved for their guests, during which executions of music take place belonging to the SIAE repertoire - Music Division.

If the music is not performed live, but recorded, then it will be necessary to indicate it while proceeding to the compilation, and pay, in addition to copyright, also related rights, due to producers of phonographic supports and performers or performers of the songs.

For recorded music it is understood both the diffusion through cd, dvd etc. both executions by a DJ.

In order to be able to use the Service for issuing the permit and paying the copyright (and any related right) for free parties or private events, the applicant must be:

● a person (who acts with his own tax code)

● occasional event organizer

Through the service you can easily and quickly get your Free Event Permit, the template to complete the Music Program and you can pay directly online the fee for copyrights and related rights.



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Rome, CAP 00136

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